Sunday, 22 July 2012

Renaissance/Medieval Game at York Library

Figure painting for the event is now well under way though it will be a tight pinch to get everything done in time.
I have started by painting up Pike Block and then supplementing this with crossbows, bows and 'handgonnes'. The Pike will be targeted towards the Swiss who seemed to have provided mercenaries across Europe for the period. The crossbows will be Italian, longbows - English and potluck for the rest.
My main aim with the painting is to try and use the Library figures as a springboard for establishing a Renaissance Dogs of War 28mm army, the sort of Great Company force fielded by Condottieri like Hawkswood or Cesare Borgia. However at the moment the forces fielded will be quite small and focus on foot troops. From little acorns...
I must say that I found the photography article in WI this month very interesting and useful when prepping for this blog. I will be looking at setting up a little photography station to snap my figures a bit more regularly.

Swiss Pike Block

Perrys' Pike

Perrys' Pike